Sunday Pampering Session #1

I know I have been a bad blogger and I’ve been posting less each month that goes by but I work nearly 80 hours a week and frankly when I get home I don’t really feel like writing. Anyway on my weekly day off  (Sunday) I like to pamper myself and my face and I go through a process that sometimes takes the whole day and involve something like 10 products. On some days, like yesterday, I like to keep it simple:

I like to start with a good cleanse with some oil or balm that’s hanging around the bathroom and a current favorite of mine is this Clarins Blue Orchid, I know I’m not supposed to cleanse with it but my skin feels amazing after a massage and a flannel rinse.After, I used this Dr Mineral White Clay Pack and I love this Korean brand as it’s formulated withour parabens, SLS, preservatives, etc. It feels amazing on my skin and it leaves my face bright, clean and very fresh. It’s particularly good to calm down any pimples or reactions that I may have.

To finish I’m loving this Collagen Jelly Pack, another Korean gem. This one is packed with sintetic pig collagen and it leaves my skin really plumped and hydrated, I also love the smell of it.

After all this I make myself a cup of tea and just cuddle in the couch for the rest of the day reading or watching TV and right now I’m obcessed with American Horror Story, have you watched it yet? What do you like to do on your days off??


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