REVIEW Spiezia Organics Rose & Vanilla Face Oil

Everyone who knows me knows I love oils, all kinds. Cleansing oils, face oils, hair and bath oils, etc, and today I’ll be reviewing this Spiezia Organics Rose & Vanilla Face Oil*: “a light hydrating oil that deeply moisturizers and balances skin and absorbs quickly, nourishing deeply to regulate sebum control, leaving you with gorgeous healthy skin. It can be used as a protective base for your make-up or on it’s own to guard you skin against wind and adverse weather condition”. 
I’ve had this oil for a few months but because it’s a day facial oil that was meant to replace my day cream, I’ve put it to the side a bit. I have nothing against mixing a few drops of oil with my moisturizer but I thought that using only oil in the morning would be too much, until a few weeks ago my skin was very unbalanced and reactive, it was very oily and very dry and that usually means its dehydrated, except none of my usual products worked to re balance it, so, I reached out for this oil. 
I’ve replaced my day cream with it and used it before my SPF and makeup and literally saw the difference upon the first day, my skin was calmer and more “normal”, straight away no excessive oil or extreme tightness, my skin recovered its beautiful glow within the week. I have to wear makeup 8-9 hours a day and with the help of air conditioner my skin used to look so dry and wrinkly, well not anymore and I have this very lightweight and quickly absorbed oil to thank to. 
Although I don’t think it’s an expensive product, it’s also not cheap. £23 for 30ml (here), but the bottle on the picture is 10 ml and I’ve used it everyday for 3-4 weeks and I haven’t even used half of it, so its really good value for money, specially because all the ingredients are natural and organic: Buxus chinensis (jojoba) oil, triticum vulgare (wheatgerm) oil, rosa damascena (rose) petal extract and essential oil, vanilla planifolia (vanilla) pod extract.
This was my first Spiezia product but I’m so excited about this oil that I want to try more products, specially the Cleansing Balm and the Calendula Ointment. What about you, have you tried anything from this brand? 
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