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Finally a favorites-post I have been promissing thi for ages :p
When the cold weather arrives I usually switch to color protect hair products (even though I’ve never dyied my hair) as they are more gentle and nourishing on my hair. This Duo is no exception, leaves my hair really soft and frizz-free. I haven’t been using it for long but I already love these products!! You can find this products here:
As you know I am obcessed with oils and this is my favorite hair oil ever! Leaves my hair silky-smooth. Really hydrated. I usually use it at night when I feel my hair is really frizzy and dry and always wake up with sleeping-beauty-hair. You can find it here:
This is a little overpriced but it is worth every penny!! My skin tends to be very dehydrated with the cold weather but is still very oily, this mask helps to absorve the excess sebum without striping out my skin. My skin looks really healthy after usage, I am really pleased! Here:


I gave up foaming products on my face ans use exclusively oils, balms and milky products. This milk is part of my double cleansing at night as the second step and it removes all traces of my Unna Brennan Pre-Cleansing oil. I rinse it with a wash cloth and it makes my skin squeaky clean and really soft. Absolutely love this! You can find it here:
I use this on top of my day and night creams only in the areas of my face that feel more dehydrated. It is my favorite Winter products of all times! It is very hydrating, moisturizing and it’s not oily at all. You try and find it at any drugstore that sells Frech Pharmacy products. 

I put this as night treatment and put it on my face every night right before bed so I can give some time for my other night products to work their wonders. I use a lot of peeling products and my skin tends to be very dehydrated so this balm gives a little extra hydration and vitamins to my skin. It is really good! You can find it here:
Avon Clearskin Professional Blemish Mark Treatment
I just LOVE this product! It is probably the most BHA product I have ever tried. I have A LOT of whiteheads and large pores that frequently get clogged, this is probably the only product I truied that unclogges the pores overnight! I love it and hope that it will never get discontinued. 
The Body Shop Coca Butter Lip Care Stick 
This are my current favorite products, do you know any of them?  

I have tons of lip balms, think over 20 (and my lips are not even that dry xD), and this is by far my favorite and I always make sure to have it in stock. It leaves my lips really soft and velvety and it doesn’t need to be reaplied very often, I use it twice a day at the most. 

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  1. November 14, 2013 / 13:22

    ja usei o da avon e em mim infelizmente não fez nada na altura, tenho de comprar para ver de novo

  2. November 13, 2013 / 23:08

    hummm…estas sugestões parecem-me mt bem! 🙂 Ainda só experimentei o creme da Uriage Aqua Precis e gosto muito dele p o Inverno! Parabéns pelo teu blog! Bjnhs

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