‘Welcome to Kaya’ They Said!

Little did I know when I walked into The Ned London last week, that I was about to have one of most delicious meals of my life. I’m not talking about fancy food with exotic rare ingredients, I’m talking about down-to-earth, simple and simply delicious plant based food.

Kaya is one of 9 restaurants in the opulent Ned London, a hotel with food for all. It serves Asian-Pacific food and it specializes in healthy food; From poke bowls (vegetarian, raw fish salads served with pickles and sauces) to teriyaki salmon from the robata grill and tarragon miso black cod. The menu is not extensive and I only tried the vegetarian dishes but it was so delicious that I honestly don’t feel there’s need for more dishes.

I wish I could say I had a favorite dish but everything I tried was a favorite, starting with the Edamame Beans with Yuzu Chili, stay away from the this one if you don’t like spicy foods. Next I had the Rainbow Poke Bow, a lukewarm rice bowl with papaya, avocado and tamarind glazed nuts, OMG this was amazing! By reading the ingredients one might think it’s a boring dish but there’s more flavor than I could ever describe.

At this point I was already bursting and had to unbutton my trousers but still made room for a little more. From the Robata Grill, I had the Asparagus with sesame seeds and honey dressing, which I think they’ve upgraded for me as mine had also sugar snap peas and grilled tofu, I also had something off menu which Senior Sous Chef Allen prepared: grilled sweetcorn rolled in crushed wasabi beans (pictures above).

For dessert I was served the Roasted Pineapple with home-made coconut sorbet and miso caramel, a specialty from Head Chef Richard, and sweet baby Jesus this was one of my favorite desserts in a very very long time.

I obviously only had the vegetarian dishes but below you can see pictures some meat/fish which my friends had.

It was an amazing experience, I was seated right at the kitchen counter and could see all the magic happening, the chefs were not at all snobs as usual and answered all my questions about the dishes and ingredients. A big thank you to Chef Richard and Allen and to Richard Lyon, the manager who made this experience one to remember. I will definitely be back.

I beg you all, go to Kaya!! Everyone needs to experience this wonderful food.




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