Top 3 Blushes

Most women can’t leave the house without mascara, I can’t face other people without a few swipes of blush across my cheeks. Blush as the power of lift up our complexion like no other makeup product and it’s an absolute must have for me. There are days (when may skin is behaving in my favor) that I wear nothing but blush. Here are my top 3:
This is my favorite blush of all times! It has a smooth texture that glides on beautifully on the skin and gives the most amazing glow ever! It’s a peachy color with warm undertones, it has a bit of shimmer in it but it’s not a shimmery as the Nars Orgasm. Actually I think this is so much prettier than the Orgasm because it’s not as shimmery and it’s a similar color. I bought this one in particular because it doesn’t have any TALC in it, therefore it doesn’t clog the pores on my cheeks, which is something that I’m really prone to. You can find it here:
I was a bit disappointed when I first saw this in person as it looks a little too bright for me, I was very pleased to see that it doesn’t go on the cheeks that bright. It’s a mate soft pink with warm undertones, it can be a little chalky if you apply too much so you have to gentle on the amount you put on the brush. Color payoff isn’t as great as the Rituals blush but actually I like things on the “natural” side so it’s perfect for me. Besides the powder is so fine that you can actually layer it and achieve the color you want to. It’s also non-comedogenic. You can find it here: Free shipping.
This is a classic as it was the first ever blush Bourjois created and they kept the same color and formula since 1863. It’s a bright pink with (again warm undertones) and it has a bit of gold shimmer to it but nothing as evident as the Orgasm and the shimmer is not evident on the skin at all, it gives the most amazing natural glow. It looks beautiful on the skin, specially on those warm Spring days, this is the one I most use when I’m not wearing any makeup as it’s the one that looks like my natural “flush color” and it gives me that healthy look we all love (some people think bronzer makes them look healthier but I think that’s nothing healthy about a bronzed look). It is also non-comedogenic.
What’s your favorite blush?
Would you like to try any of these, or tried them already?


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  1. April 29, 2014 / 20:07

    tambem adoro um pouco de blush para dar um glow ao rosto
    e esse da bourjois é lindo =D

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