To Prime Or Not To Prime

I have a love-hate relationship with primer. Sometimes I love them, other times I hate the ones I love. Sometimes they make my makeup stay on my face and look great and other times my makeup just melts after a couple of hours. I don’t wear them everyday as I believe in a good skincare routine and a smooth-well moisturized face doesn’t really need primer, but when I do, here are the ones I use more.
One of my favorites is the Kiko City Filter SPF50, first it has SPF50 and secondly its super light, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin velvety smooth and it doesn’t leave the skin sticky or oily but I do find I need a bit more powder to lock the foundation in place. It has a slight yellow color and it smells like vanilla.
Le Maq Pro Makeup Mixer is a 2in1 primer and makeup mixer to dilute heavy/cream foundations. I like using it as a primer, it dries mate and satin and if you use only a little, makeup looks absolutely gorgeous,  be careful with it if you’re heavy handed as it can look a little cakey when it dries. Otherwise, I think makeup lasts in place for longer but eventually starts to melt (I work in an air conditioned environment for 10 hours a day so it’s normal if makeup doesn’t last as long).
My favorite of the bunch is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm it’s probably the one that makes makeup last longer and under any weather circumstance. It gives and amazing inner glow and it controls oilyness without drying out the skin. It’s the one I use when I know I’ll be out and about all day and need my skin to be immaculate.
Last but no least there is this Rimmel’s Stay Matte Primer I bought it to avoid having to put powder every two hours while I’m working because it promises up to 16 hours of mate skin. It does matify the skin without taking its natural glow but on me it doesn’t last mate more than 4 hours and my skin will be even more oily than before I used it. It’s probably just because I’m incredibly dehydrated at the moment and that makes me a little more oily than usual. Overall it is a good primer and even letting my skin be shiny and oily it does hold makeup for an incredible amount of hours and that’s why I use it.Do you usually use primer? What’s your favorite??

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  1. May 9, 2015 / 16:29

    Eu não sou muito de primers porque não uso muita maquilhagem mas, ultimamente, estou a adorar um creme da Bioderma que meto por cima do protector solar (eu sei que é estranho, mas o meu protector solar é muito gordurento). O pore refiner, meto só um bocadinho e deixa-me a pele seca e lisinha que nem cetim e fica assim o dia inteiro.

    Uniquely Filipa

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