The 22 Day Revolution Challenge

I have always been very conscious about what I eat, yes I did indulge in a pizza or burger every now and then but the majority of days I always ate very healthy. 3/5 years ago I became a vegetarian and I felt so healthy ever since that I don’t think I can ever go back to the way I felt when I eating meat/fish. My almost daily digestion and heartburn became a thing of the past and my chronic anemia has been at bay for nearly 3 years.

But life has been kicking me in the ass for the last year and it has been very hard for me to deal with some of the things that happened to me so I quite working out and I turned to food. I still haven’t touched meat/fish but pasta, pizza and bread have been a part of my daily diet. I’ve put on 22 lbs, I gained cellulite and I never felt so tired and unhealthy in my life. A few months ago I read a book called “The 22 Day Revolution” by Marco Borges, who is nothing less than Beyonce’s personal trainer and nutritionist. What is the 22 Day Revolution? “Is a groundbreaking vegan program designed to transform your mental, emotional, and physical health in just 22 days.
And after a few months trying to get out of this depression and sickness spiral I gotten myself into, I decided to try this 22 day challenge.. TODAY!!! Yesterday I went on Ocado and did all my grocery shopping, everything arrived this morning and after I cleaned my fridge and cupboards from all the crap processed food I had, I have started this challenge.
Marco is really motivating and I feel really good about starting this challenge and transform my life and something I found really amazing about this book is that, he doesn’t just tell you what you can’t eat, he tell yous exactly what to eat. There is a shopping list for everything you need to complete the challenge week-by-week along with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the challenge, so you know exactly what and how to cook.
Would you like me to keep you updated on how it goes and post some pictures of what I eat? I was thinking about posting weekly updates, let me know what you think.
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