REVIEW Nativa Spa Plum Moisturizing Bath


What they say
“Moisturizer to be used in the bath, with emollient and nourishing properties, that leaves skin scented and moisturized”

When I started using this in-shower moisturizer I was very skeptical because my previous experience with a product of this type wasn’t very pleasent. I was using the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer and I found it to heavy for my taste, I felt it left an oily residue sitting on my skin for the whole day, instead of getting absorbed and moisturize my skin, I feel this one much lighter but more moisturizing at the same time. 

 If you have super dry skin on your body, this product alone is not a good choice, but you can use it to add that extra boost of hydration that your skin needs, before applying your regular body lotion/cream. That’s what do in my legs anyway and it works wonders, for the rest of my body this in-shower moisturizer is enough. 
This is also very handy in the upcoming Spring/Summer when you hate to feel greasy from your body lotion, as this absorbs quickly into the skin, just use this and a dry-to-touch SPF and you’re good to go as this will give the softer skin ever with an amazing plum scent to it, that will last forever. I tell you right here, right now, this is by far my favorite smell of body products (I have their entire Plum line).

What are your toughts about products like this? 

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