REVIEW Lierac Luminescence Complexion Corrector Serum

I love serums and I think the products I buy more is serums and cleansers and there is nothing better for any skin type than a good cleanser followed by a good serum. After reading all the claims about this Lierac Luminescence Serum I decided to give it a go.

This iridescent milky serum is capable of acting simultaneously deep down and on the surface to visibly reduce the appearance of all minor skin flaws (redness, dark spots, uneven skin texture, etc.), instantly enhance the beauty of the complexion and restore skin luminosity.Helps reactivate light reflection. Diminishes the appearance of pigment spots and redness. Helps refine the skin’s texture. Smooths and evens out the skin.

Of course after I read this I was like WOW this is amazing!! Well I couldn’t be more disappointed with it and luckily I bought it on sale otherwise I would forever regret spending £50 on this product.
Of a serum I expect a light and easily absorbed texture, well this is light texture alright but I doesn’t get absorbed at all! It just sits on the skin and flakes when it dries. It does melt again when I put the moisturizer on but sometimes when I’m blending my foundation I still have pieces of this serum flaking around my face. It does give the skin some luminosity but only because it has a pearly-white color and because it just sits on top of the skin.
About all the other claims it doesn’t do anything!! It doesn’t refine the skin’s texture, it doesn’t smooth the skin or even out the skin tone and it absolutely doesn’t diminish any pigmentation spot. Overall this product is a great disappointment and a complete waste of money. I’m almost done with this one and I’m definitely not repurchasing it.
If you still want to give it a go you can find it on –
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