Review Avene Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion


I never really had sensitive skin, I’ve had my share of oiliness, dehydration, parchiness, but I’ve never experienced any sensitivity. Until now… I feel my skin blotchy in some areas and it’s quite red around my nose and I had to adopt a few measures to try and calm the beast down, you can ready my review on the Avène’s Soothing Moisture Mask HERE, but my biggest problem was cleansing…..

I’m quite a  cleanse freak, as you know, I always remove my makeup and I always double cleanse, I know it may seem a little bit to much but I’m very gentle when it comes to cleansing my skin but even with all the care I gave her, the bitch still managed to be red and blotchy afterwards so I opted for a cleanser specially formulated for sensitive skin, that’s when I found the Avène Cleansing Lotion and this quite an interesting product:
• Based on the sterile manufacturing process of E.T.S • Ultra gentle, no-rinse formula cleanses, leaving the skin clear and fresh without irritation • Restores the skin barrier and decreases skin reactivity • Helps prevent skin irritation and allergies • Formulated with only 6 ingredients • Fragrance-free, preservative-free, colorant-free, surfactant-free, alcohol-free, emulsifier-free • 100% sterile, 100% pure • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
I was skeptical when I first read all of this, you, things like “formulated with only 6 ingredients” are very apealing (to me anyway) and I was like: yeah right, like that’s gonna work. Boy I was wrong and I was very pleased to find out this was a very good cleanser and I was about to fall in love with it. It’s a very light lotion, I like to massage it for a while, it says no rinse but I always remove it with a cloth followed by a splash of lukewarm water. Oh and I do that twice. It cleanses the skin beautifully and it leaves no residue and absolutely no redness or sensitivity whatsoever. Skin is left feeling thoroughly clean and amazingly fresh!!
If you’re in the hunt for a good cleanser for sensitive skin, really consider giving this one a try. Avène, you did it again…Escentual e offering 1/3 off this product here:


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