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Facial masks are probably my favorite item in my skincare routine, I love that they deliver amazing results in just 10-15mins. Like all of you, I’m obsessed with clear skin, I love a good deep cleansing mask but not as much as I love hydrating masks as they can leave my dull dehydrated skin look simply amazing in just a few minutes…

Avene’s Soothing Moisture Mask is one the best hydrating masks I have ever tried!
It has a creamy light texture that goes on smoothly. I usually never wear it for just 15 minutes, I’ll put it on my face at night after cleansing, let it sink for a few minutes, then follow with another layer and leave it on as an overnight sleeping mask, it just gives me the most amazing plumped glow when I wake up. It’s such a nice product to just wipe away with a tissue and throw away.
It is also great to soothe the skin after you waxed your upper lip or after plucking the eyebrows. It is a nice eye shooting mask, I tend to wear it around my eyes when the’re feeling tired and sore, it’s so revitalizing! I usually use it to draw some panda eyes on my face and go to sleep, my eyes always look fresher and nicer in the morning. If you’re looking for a good mask for oily skin, really do consider this one as it’s non-comedogenic.
That being said, this is really my all time favorite hydrating mask and although I have 10 more identical products on my stash I always go back to this one as I feel its the one that quenches my dehydrated skin the most.
What is your staple hydrating mask? Ever tried this one? Please let me know your favorite ones in comments below.Avène Soothing Moisture Mask is currently 1/3 off on (£8.62) here:

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