Life Update: Why I have been away


It is no news that I have been away from the blog for a long long time. I have been publishing a post or two per month for the last few months and I even considering giving up on blogging more than a hundred times.

I though a lot about this post, should I tell you or not about what’s going on with me and I decided I had to after I realized that nearly half a million people had visit this blog in the last few months and still so many brands trust my words, send me they’re products to try and invite me to they’re press launches. I felt that the very least I could do was to give everyone an explanation.


The truth is I have been ill. Very ill. Not in the sense that I have the flu or have been bed struck with some sort of decease. The truth is, since the beginning of last year I have been suffering from mental illness, depression and anxiety to be more precise. On top of this, I have been feeling very tired and with a lot of overall pain in my body. When I say tired I don’t mean tired after an intense workout or a long day at work, I mean so exhausted I can barely open my eyes or stand up after a 14 hour sleep. I have done so many tests in the past few months and there’s physically nothing wrong with me… The doctors are pretty certain I suffer from a chronic decease called fibromyalgia accompanied by chronic fatigue syndrome.  I’m now waiting to see a specialist to confirm the diagnosis.


There’s no cure for either fibro or CFS, there’s only some things I can do which can help ease the symptoms and prevent ‘flare ups’. A good diet, some light exercises and doing what I love are some of the things I can do to help, and that’s why I have decided to make the effort of continue to blog, which is something I love to do and something that really helps to clear my head and keep my mind off the pain and the tiredness.


In the time I’ve been MIA, beauty has been a crucial part of my treatment and my journey to feel better, I’ve received more products than I can ever try and I have a backlog of content for the months to come. I owe you half a million thank yous for staying on that side of the screen 🙂




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