Fighting dry skin with hempz

My skin has been so incredibly dry to the point it gets so tight and itchy that it bleeds when I scratch (yeah I probably shouldn’t scratch but I can’t avoid it when I’m sleeping). When these two Hempz products landed on my mailbox I jumped in the shower to try them on.

The Age Defying Body Wash is a SLS Free, creamy shower gel. I don’t expect this to have real anti-ageing properties because it’s not on my skin for longer than a minute before it gets rinsed out but it leaves my skin so soft and smooth even when using a soft sponge, which is the only thing my sensitive skin can tolerate at the moment. It has a really soft and creamy texture that doesn’t foam a lot. It’s not really moisturizing but it also doesn’t dry the skin out which for me is good enough on a shower gel. It’s completely vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free and HTC-free if you care about these things.

In-shower body moisturizers were very trendy a couple of years ago, I tried a couple but was never really a convert. This one is not exactly a in-shower moisturizer, it’s more of a body conditioner. So like a hair conditioners just softens and hydrates the hair this Blushing Grapefruit and Raspberry Cream does for your body. It’s quite moisturizing although I find that my skin still needs a body butter after using this, it does keep moisturized for longer than when I don’t use it. It also leaves the skin very soft, especially when combined with with the Anti-Aging Shower Gel it really helps to bring my skin back to life and I’m saving this combo for days when my skin starts cracking and gets inflamed. I also feel that my scalp eczema is spreading to my body and this really helps to calm down the flare-ups. As the shower gel, it’s also Vegan, Gluten-free, Paraben-Free and THC Free.

I’d never heard of Hempz before I tried out these products but I might try a couple more things because I’m really impressed with them. Have you tried any of the Hempz products before? Let me know which ones are really worth it, especially for really dry skin.



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