Face Mapping With Dermalogica


Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know I was invited to a Pre Fashion-Week Retreat, I met a lot of exciting people and brands and was “formally” introduced to Dermalogica, a brand that I must confess, I was never curious about, the packaging is quite boring and the products don’t really seem exciting.
The ladies in the Dermalogica counter were extremely helpful with my very intensei Q&A about the brand/products and showed how well they know the brand and the products they’re representing and I really appreciate that.
After a very detailed analysis of my skin the results were:
* Mild overall dehydration, more intense around my eyes
* Mild congestion on my forehead and cheeks
* Sensitivity around my nose
* Overall smooth skin with good elastine and collagen levels
I was given a few tips which I already practice like double cleansing and acid tone every day, which I don’t do but have started doing since, specially in the areas with more congestion (forehead and cheeks).
In general I was very pleased with the results, I never expected so many compliments on in how much good condition my skin is, ladies keep going with your skincare routine because it does pay off, sooner or later. (For me it was rather later)
I was also given some samples of products, but to be honest only one really caught my eye and that’s the one I have started using straight away: the Skin Hydrating Booster, will report on that after I’ve used it properly.
A few other products have caught my attention and are on my wishlist to buy in the future. Just so you know I have stopped buying products just for the fun of it, and I’m actually trying to use things up before buying new ones because my product stock has past the ridiculous point, meaning I have A LOT of things to use and I’m very proud because almost everyday I’m finishing something :p
Have you done any face mapping diagnosis? I know a lot of brands do them but this was the more in-depth one I’ve done so far.
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