Etude House Princess Etoinette All Over Powder and Perfume

I know I’m becoming a little repetitive when it comes to Korean beauty products but I just love them so much! They’re affordable and yet very effective! One of my favorite brands is Etude House and today I’ll be showing you 2 products of their Princess Etoinette collection, a collection filled with beautiful packaging a an amazing rose scent. 

The All Over Powder is an illuminating powder that can be used like the name says, all over. Particularly I don’t really like to use it in the face because it has some pretty big chunks of glitter in it (along with fine shimmering powder) and I don’t like that on the face, but I find it perfect for highlighting the hair and body. 
You can find it here: (free shipping)

The perfume has a gorgeous rose scent to it, it feels very fresh and Spring(ish). Rose is probably my favorite scent of all, but I don’t really talk about it because I don’t want to sound like a copycat 🙂 I love wearing this perfume when I’m going to bed or when I’m just depressed around the house, it just lifts up my mood and relaxes me instantly. 
You can find it here: (free shipping)


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