EMPTIES #3 – Face Cleansers


Reviewed HERE. My opinion remains the same, it’s an OK cleansing gel to be used in the morning but I would never use it for my evening routine.
Ina Crystals White Gold Glow Face Wash
Reviewed HERE. This is by far my favorite cleanser for my morning cleanse. It has a balmy texture with some very mild exfoliating grains, it gives a very nice deep cleanse without stripping out the skin or messing with its Ph.
Lierac Velvet Cleansing Oil
Reviewed HERE. I love this kind of products to remove my makeup and really like this brand. Very rarely Lierac doesn’t match my expectations, At the moment I’m using the DHC Pore Cleansing Oil which I also adore and I have another bottle of this product to use in the Future and will definitely repurchase when I find it on sale again (I don’t like to repurchase products when they are not on sale, I prefer to spend the money on something new to try).
O Boticário Intense Makeup Remover
It’s just a regular cleansing milk, nothing extraordinary. I wouldn’t recommend you let it go to your eyes as it stings like a bitch and it caused blurred vision for a few minutes.
Again, just a regular eye makeup remover. Not sure if it removes waterproof makeup because I don’t wear it. It removes everything effectively without any rubbing needed (remember that you must not rub your eyes but pour the product in the cotton pad and leave it on your eyes for a few seconds before removing it gently).
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