Lierac Masque Velours

I loved this mask. It leaves my skin hydrated and compensated. It smells very nice and it lasted for an eternity. I would buy it again, but Lierac just relaunched their entire mask line and this one was discontinued. It does stained my pillow case when I used it overnight. 

Avéne Cleanance Cleansing Water
There was a time when I was hooked to micelar waters and use them twice a day every day. I really liked this one, it cleanses the skin really well and its very gentle on the skin. At the end of this king size bottle (400ml) I used only to remove makeup before my proper cleanse or in the mornings when I had very little time for my routine. Nowadays I prefer other cleansing methods as I think micellar waters are not very effective in the long run (imagine cleanse your ass everyday with micellar water and cotton pads… Exactly!!!)
The Body Shop Hemp Moisturizing Wash
I don’t think this body wash is nourishing or moisturizing, actually I find it odd when shower gels say they are moisturizing when they’re main function is to remove oils from the skin. Its a regular shower gel, nothing extraordinary about it but also nothing bad. 
Rituals Fortune Shower Oil
It’s an oil shower that turns into a milk when in contact with wet skin. Once again it’s not hydrating at all but I also don’t think it strips my skin out of its own oils. It doesn’t have any sulfates and it doesn’t foam up, which I really like but I find it a bit overpriced just for shower gel. 
Bell Mate Control All Day Foundation
I love this foundation! It costs around 5€ and it is my exact skin tone! It leaves the skin mate and under control the whole day. I really loved using it but I won’t buy it again because I’m getting a littler older and I prefer foundations with a more luminous finish. 
The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermoabrasion Face Polish
I find this exfoliant too expensive, too harsh and too noneffective. 
The Body Shop Beautifying Oil 
You do know I love oils, especially the triple treat oils (face, body and hair) and this particular one was a favorite for a long time untill I discovered organic, unrefined oils. This one does what it promises, it beautifies but it doesn’t treat. 
Sante Hair Conditioner
I’m trying to wear more organic products but this conditioner was an absolute fail! It smells like beer and it’s kinda gross. 
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm
This is a Korean anti-blackhead balm. I haven’t hit pan on it yet but my boyfriend put this in the picture by mistake. I love this! It dissolves blackheads and dirt like no other! I Hope they never stop making this. Have I ever told you how much I love Korean skincare products? 
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