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The Capricho line is inspired by you! By the girl who is happy, dynamic, different, with personality and who really LOVES the joy of living. For the girl who is not content with one, but rather all the great possibilities in life, Capricho Day&Night provides two fragrances: one for Day and the other for Evening, which, when combined, produce several other fragrances for many different occasions. Capricho Day&Night, two fragrances in one package and a world of combinations.I was going to show you my first round of sale shopping (beauty-wise) but instead I decided to talk about a parfum that I have been loving lately. I’m talking about

Capricho by O’Boticário, this is a brazilian brand and you can check it online (here: ). All the products are really good and smell wonderfully!!Back to the perfume, I’m usually very picky when it comes to perfume, I like Chanel Allure, Chanel Nº5 Eau Premiére and Escada Magnetism, meaning I like very strong smelling-perfumes, I like those that give us headaches, so when I saw these two I was like: yeah right. I couldn’t be more wrong.

I love the night one and I’ve been using it everyday since I got it and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier with it, it is very sweet and strong and it lasts all day. Literally the whole day! I use in the morning and I can still feel it at night when I take a shower. Like I said it is very strong and sweet so I may not me suitable for those with a sensitive “nose”.

The day version is a bit fresher so it’s not my favorite perfume in the world so I like to mix the two and create my own unique scent. The price is also very atractive, 24.99€ for the two bottles (50ml each), yes, despite they are two distinct products they are sold together.

Have you ever tried any of

O Boticário‘s products?
You can find them online here:

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  1. January 17, 2014 / 11:40

    a embalagem é linda! tenho que ir cheirar, não sei se vou gostar sendo muito doce…

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

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