22 Day Revolution Challenge: WEEK 1 UPDATE

Last week I told you, HERE, about starting the 22 Day Revolution Challenge, exactly a week after I started I’m bringing you my first update and you can find some pictures below.

* The first couple of days were not easy, not because I was hungry or anything but because I had A LOT of cravings. Like I said in last week’s post, I wasn’t exactly eating healthy and the not-so-occasional cupcake, took it’s toll and I craved sugar almost 24 hours a day for 2-3 days. I almost gave into it, but managed to stay clean and eat a sweet fruit instead.
* I also felt sick for the first 4 days, I think it was my body going through a detox process, I strongly believe we are addicted to sugar and gluten. I have been without gluten and processed foods for 8 days and I have never felt so good. I feel super energized and I’m starting to feel happy again, I’m super motivated to do things.
* Like I said last week, Marco gives you a recipe plan for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I didn’t follow the plan exactly as some things require a bit more preparation  and sometimes I didn’t really have the time for it. I still managed to cook all the meals on the book and obviously did the dinner recipes for dinner and lunch for lunch, just not in the exact order of the book.
* I also changed some ingredients, as the quantities in the book are for two people, I sometimes ended up with leftovers, I don’t like to waste food so I would incorporate that into the next day, but as Marco says, the recipes and ingredients are more like a guideline and we can adapt them to our lifestyle.
* Costwise, the first was a bit expensive, I spent over £80, because I had to buy all the pantry essentials but I just ordered the food for the 2nd week and spent less than £45 for the whole week. Please note that I didn’t need to buy anything else the whole week, so I don’t think it’s an expensive diet.
* Some of the dishes I cooked didn’t really look amazing and I thought they would taste horrible but I was actually very surprise with the taste of some of the things I ate. Some crazy combinations actually turned out to be pretty delicious.
* Like I said earlier, I was never hungry and never felt the need to snack between meals, I know a lot of diets tell you you need to eat 10 times a day but Marco believes we only need to have 3 meals a day and if these meals are rich and nutritious we don’t need to eat anything else and also don’t need to eat snacks. After this first week and I can say I agree with him. All my meals were very satisfactory and gave me energy for the whole day.
* I’m also very proud to say that during the whole I only cheated last night, I was very tired from work and ordered Thai food but followed the guidelines of the challenge (vegan, gluten and soya free.)
* I lost almost 7 lbs!!!
Gluten-free oats with banana and blueberries
Lentil soup garnished with tomato and avocado
Guacamole salad with cashews and parsley
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